Big Casino Tournaments

The online world is getting bigger, and perhaps better too- you can just about do anything from the comfort of your home- yes, you can even go to an online casino and notch up winnings or lose those hard earned pounds. With casino gambling reaching new heights in the United Kingdom, online casinos are becoming very popular and are favourite haunts of a public that loves betting in all forms- be it sports, horses or casino games.

What are casino tournaments?

In an effort to enhance the entertainment experience, casinos are now encouraging players to pit their skills against others or compete against the casino itself by participating in casino tournaments. Tournaments can be held on a group of games or just a single game;   those games that are a part of the tournament have a trophy icon against them. They give gamblers a chance to win big money or tournament prizes.

The Difference

Tournaments are different from regular casino online games in that in the latter players play a slot or spin a roulette wheel and bank their winnings. In tournaments, players are given ‘play chips’ and have to build the biggest chip stack in a limited time. The faster they play and win, the bigger their prize.

How winners are named

Different casinos hold different tournaments and tournament prizes are different for different competitions. These can range from gadgets and holidays to cash, free tokens and even cars. Tournaments are organized in different ways and winners too are chosen differently.

  • single biggest win over a single round- you win as much as you can in a limited time-frame- players with the most money and the best pay out percentage wins
  • most significant pay-out (total) over many consecutive rounds- players with the most winnings over a stipulated number of consecutive rounds and the best pay out percentage over the same number of rounds
  • if you can stay till the end and outlast the other gamblers

Based on a formula, the results of all competing players are indicated on a leader board so that at any point of time, they’ll know where they actually stand. At the end of the time-frame, the player/s right at the top will walk off with the tournament prize. Players can take part in many tournaments simultaneously in the same casino.

There is no tournament fee as such, and if you happen to play a game (for real money) that’s part of the tournament, then you’ll automatically become a participant.

Some other casino tournaments

Some casinos organize special High Roller Tournaments to reward high spenders in their casinos. These players usually either deposit big sums of money monthly or play with this deposit over a period of time. They play for higher stakes and if they win, the prizes too are high-end.

Online Tournaments

There are online casino slot tournaments too where players are given a particular number of spins to play on a particular slot. Reel Races are run every half-hour or so and resemble ‘turbo’ tournaments. The aim in both these tournaments is to win as much as you can and as consecutively as you can.


Picking the right games to play in a tournament and winning is a sure way to earn easy pounds; so do keep track of tournaments by looking at the tournament schedule, pick your favourite and start bankrolling.