How to Bet On E-Sport – Part 3

esports bet

Esports betting

Betting on e-sport is gaining popularity worldwide. So, how exactly does one bet on e-sports? This guide will tell you exactly how. Read on to find out.


Bookmakers are now creating an as wide range of book markets across platforms like Counter Strike Global Offence, Starcraft II, League of Legends, etc. E-sports is nothing but electronic sports. These games are in the format of a video game, either in single or multiplayer modes. They involve real-time strategy with players teaming up from all over the world.

Organizing platforms such as Twitch and ESPN have been game changers when it comes to promoting E-sports. You will find all sorts of games on E-sports, on a worldwide platform.

Esports Betting:

If you are serious about betting on E-sports and are keen to make money, you will have to see what the odds are. Only based on that analysis, should you bet to be on the whole, satisfactory. In layman terms, if you bet on a team and that team wins, you win the prize money or the jackpot. If you bet on a side and that team loses, you lose your money. Well, to know which team to bet on, you will have to identify their history, strengths and weaknesses. You will also have to analyse how strong or weak their opponent is. Based on the analysis, if the odds are on the team you have chosen, it might seem safe to go ahead and bet. However, remember that anything can happen in the last second.

Some useful tips:


  1. Start betting small: Until you learn the rules of the game, start by betting small amounts. If you win, you win small, but remember, if you lose, you lose little as well. Once you understand the nitty gritty of the game, you can aim higher and win bigger.
  2. Bet where it counts: Place a bet only where there is value for the chance that you have made. You should technically know the betting value of your chosen game or portal.
  3. Take up the best odds: If the odds of both the competing teams are close, the stakes are higher too. But, it is wise not to place a bet until you feel that you know the team well enough. If it better to lose small that to lose big, right?
  4. Research Gameplay strategies: there are specific rules in every game. The best players know how to turn that disadvantage into an advantage. Those are the players who make a big difference to the game, and thus the result of the game. If you know your game plays well, you can take a safe and educated decision about the bet that you are going to place and possibly win.

This simple guide has given you the basics of betting on e-sports. Time to go out there and explore the exciting options.