A comparison between E-sport and sport

Esports betting

Esport vs Sport

E-sport has shown a jump in terms of revenue and audience that is incomparable toany other conventional sport. Statisticssuggest that growth shown in the last decade in e-sport is equivalent to a century of growthin traditional sport. Right now,e-sport has an audience base that is equivalent to volleyball or ice hockey. Despite so much evolution,e-sportis still struggling to get a status comparable to regular sport. Let’s explore some similarities and differences between sport and e-sport. Also, let’s try to find out why e-sport and its players are still not recognized at international sport events.

Definition and characteristics

A sport is characterized by physical exertion and skill and is played for entertainment. Examples are football, hockey, cricket etc. E-sporttoo requires skill, fast reflexes and quick thinking. Examples are League of legends and Dota 2. Originally video games were mostly played at individual level and mainly to pass time. They were more popular among teenagers and considered fun activity. But all that has changed in the past decade. With internet access easily available e-sport has grown to become competitive and more of team plays. Large scale tournaments of such games are being held worldwide.  Number of tournaments has increased from 10 in 2000 to 260 in 2010. Traditional sport is also all about competitive entertainment. Hence, e-sporthas skills, team play and competitions of the same level found in traditional sport.

Economics and insurance

Because of its infancy stage, e-sport does not boast of the same kind of financial advantages as regular sport.Professional players of regular sport get fees and a share of tournament profits. They are also provided insurance by their sport teams. They do not have to worry about arranging finances for their injury treatments. In case of e-sport, players do not profit from tournaments. There is also no health insurance for them. E-sport too has its own share of sport related injuries like wrist injuries caused due to repetitive strain. Players have to arrange for their own treatments in case of any injury. All this will hopefully change in future once e-sportgets same kind of recognition as regular sport.

Permanence and growth

One thing that differentiates e-sport from regular sport is the games permanence. Video games are evolving in nature. Sequels keep coming up. In case of traditionalsport like football or baseball, the game never changes. The rules followed by competitive community remains the same. In contrast, the life of individual e-sport game is not long. A particular game is replaced by its sequel. Rules of the game change as well as the competitive community changes. E-sport might be growing as a whole but that does not mean that each individual game is also growing. But this does not necessarily mean that this aspect of e-sport is bad. In fact, changes improve the game mechanics. They also keep people interested in the game and help in increasing its popularity.

What needs to be understood is that both sport and e-sport are subdivisions of “games for entertainment”. E-sport is still growing but, growing at a tremendous rate. Hence, it is high time that e-sports given the same level of professional status as a regular sport.

How to Bet On E-Sport – Part 3

esports bet

Esports betting

Betting on e-sport is gaining popularity worldwide. So, how exactly does one bet on e-sports? This guide will tell you exactly how. Read on to find out.


Bookmakers are now creating an as wide range of book markets across platforms like Counter Strike Global Offence, Starcraft II, League of Legends, etc. E-sports is nothing but electronic sports. These games are in the format of a video game, either in single or multiplayer modes. They involve real-time strategy with players teaming up from all over the world.

Organizing platforms such as Twitch and ESPN have been game changers when it comes to promoting E-sports. You will find all sorts of games on E-sports, on a worldwide platform.

Esports Betting:

If you are serious about betting on E-sports and are keen to make money, you will have to see what the odds are. Only based on that analysis, should you bet to be on the whole, satisfactory. In layman terms, if you bet on a team and that team wins, you win the prize money or the jackpot. If you bet on a side and that team loses, you lose your money. Well, to know which team to bet on, you will have to identify their history, strengths and weaknesses. You will also have to analyse how strong or weak their opponent is. Based on the analysis, if the odds are on the team you have chosen, it might seem safe to go ahead and bet. However, remember that anything can happen in the last second.

Some useful tips:


  1. Start betting small: Until you learn the rules of the game, start by betting small amounts. If you win, you win small, but remember, if you lose, you lose little as well. Once you understand the nitty gritty of the game, you can aim higher and win bigger.
  2. Bet where it counts: Place a bet only where there is value for the chance that you have made. You should technically know the betting value of your chosen game or portal.
  3. Take up the best odds: If the odds of both the competing teams are close, the stakes are higher too. But, it is wise not to place a bet until you feel that you know the team well enough. If it better to lose small that to lose big, right?
  4. Research Gameplay strategies: there are specific rules in every game. The best players know how to turn that disadvantage into an advantage. Those are the players who make a big difference to the game, and thus the result of the game. If you know your game plays well, you can take a safe and educated decision about the bet that you are going to place and possibly win.

This simple guide has given you the basics of betting on e-sports. Time to go out there and explore the exciting options.

What is E-Sports Betting?

Esports betting

What is e-sport?

Sport in any form has always fascinated human beings, and from time immemorial, it has always been there in some way or the other. Cave paintings and rock art are the testimony to the fact that competitive sports like swimming, archery, wrestling, existed a long, long, time ago. Today, in this digital age, with everything going electronic- e-commerce, e-mail, e-cars, even sports has donned a new avatar- eSport.

The playing fields of eSport

eSport, which is just another nomenclature of computer and video games, may not be played in stadiums like hockey, football and cricket are. However, they are just as popular and attract just as many people. Tournaments are held in big arenas all over the world, and large crowds watch with bated breath as professionals battle it out for recognition.  Once upon a time, eSport was just something people did- anywhere and anyhow- to pass the time. They played computer games with each other and pitted their skills against each other, but today this leisure sport has become a lucrative business and a serious one at that. So much so, that it’s now categorised as a “valid career choice!”

What skills does eSport require?

Just like any other team sport, computer or video gaming to requires players to have quick reflexes, be focused in their approach and react according to the situation. All this comes only by practice, and that’s what professional players do- practice for more than15 hours a day. The more they practice, the better they become, and their ability to multi-task reaches new heights. Playing computer games translates into hard work and rigorous training as players seek to perfect their actions and hone their strategies. They need to keep themselves updated with changes in sets and continuously strive for mastery and excellence to remain top notch. Today, computer gaming is seen as an organised, structured, professional and highly competitive sport.

How are the games played?

Usually, teams pit their skills and strength against an opposing team anywhere in the world.  With the Internet allowing gamers to connect with each other, players battle it out gamely in front of millions of fans. Although there doesn’t appear to be a specific list of games, some seem to be more popular than others as they make “good spectator viewing”. As with any other sport, when well-known players play in a big tournament, fans are on a high and avidly watch the action live.

Esport provides entertainment of the highest order, and the tension amongst fans has to be seen to be believed. The winner takes home a packet in prize money for their efforts- this could quickly run into millions of dollars. For the players and fans, the tournament is just as prestigious as a Grand Slam title in tennis. The lack of physical activity is more than compensated for by highly focused, concentrated thinking and strategising.

Top effort events

League of Legends and DOTA 2 are the juggernauts that have held the gaming fans entranced while others such as FIFA, Madden, Call of Duty, Halo Wars 2 and others are equally spectacular and mesmerising. 2017 is being hailed as “a spectacular year for export” with many of the games having tremendous competitive potential.

The fact that gamers in the United Kingdom spent almost 3.3 billion pounds on computer games in 2016 coupled with the points that eSport is to get official recognition and that the UK is to get its first dedicated channel for eSport, clearly speaks volumes.

eSport is here to stay, become bigger and better, more competitive and reach newer and higher levels in the years to come.

How do E-Sports Betting Works?

Esports bet

E-sports betting has become extremely popular all over the world. People can wage on an array of diverse sports events in an online betting website. To get a good idea of what makes e-sports betting familiar, it helps to understand how it works. It is not about getting a wage placed, but also about registering for betting services.

Steps to Join E-Sports Betting

The first player will need to register for services from an e-sports betting website. You will be required to secure essential information and need to fund an account with money from debit or credit card. After the details go through and the report is supported, you can start on online sports.
After a span of time, you can end up earning money as an outcome of successful bets. You will be capable of requesting a check for the cash that you are asking for. Usually, commissions are needed however these usually are less than 10% of the worth which you are asking for in many cases.
When planning to join in e-sports betting site, make sure to pay close attention to the rules and regulations imposed by the website. A lot of e-sports online betting site will get registration in small countries to work and provide betting services like Costa Rica. This is vital because a place will have to be licensed by an international government which supports e-sports betting for it to work appropriately. The business will also be subjected to government check on a regular basis to ensure that the betting services being offered are reasonably supported.

E-Sports Betting: Various Sports Event

While e-sports betting players can wager on many diverse types of sports events such as boxing matches, football events, horse races, gold events and other major leagues. Players can also wager on events or games with spreads that deal with the level of a margin of victory which a team will get. They can also bet on functions which deal with some points or other stuff which occur in individual events. The wager or better will put a specific amount of money on the bet which is being made.
After the game happens, the sportsbook will pull out the money which the player lost or deposit money which the player won. This occurs not long after the game which was a wager on is done or over.
E-sports betting is an exceptional thing that every sports fanatic should look into. This is a kind of gaming and entertainment where a player will register for services, fund an account as well a wage on different sports events or games. It will be essential to register for e-sports betting websites and to look into the set terms and conditions which are involved.

Choose the Best E-Sports Betting Site

Now that you already know how e-sports betting works, perhaps the next step you should make is to look for e-sports betting site that is reliable and dependable. Make sure to choose a certified and authorised online betting site to avoid wasting your time and money as well.



History of Online Casinos

New Online Casinos 2018

There is a definite difference between online casinos and the conventional brick and mortar ones. The fact that users can wager their money online sitting in the comfort of their homes is an advantage online casino have to the traditional ones.
Since conventional casinos have a higher upkeep cost, they have considerably fewer payback percentages. Whereas online casinos do not require a lot of money for running rooms, they can offer better odds and payback percentages. Games like slot machines, poker, blackjack etc. are top-rated in online casinos are often based off of random number generators.

The History of Online Casinos

The first real online gambling was in 1994. Micro gaming is considered the early developers of online gambling websites. Hey offered a fully functional casino that provided users with the opportunity to bet real money. This is back in the 90s, and this technology was insufficient regarding connectivity and features. It was a massive step towards modernising the conventional casinos. By the end of the 1990s, companies started to develop an increased interest in online casinos. By 2002, there were close to 200 online casinos that were operating, and the revenue from them exceeded the $ Billion mark. The number of users participated were close to 8 Million which was a massive number at the time. However, now the online casino industry is worth over $45 Billion and accommodates upwards of 200 Million people.

Types of games offered

There is no cap on the kinds of games offered in these gambling websites.
Since most games are based on random number generators such as blackjack, they are incredibly efficient. Plus, the fact that casinos can control the outcomes which are by legislation means that they can be handled and managed.
Here are the most popular games:

• Live Poker
• Baccarat
• Bingo
• Slot games
• Poker
• Blackjack
• Roulette

Even though there are risks involved in online poker, modern methods have allowed these gambling websites to become extremely secure using encryption and other means. Although some games may be subjectively more enjoyable when considering the fact, you can do all that from the comfort of your couch.

Lower Upkeep Cost means better returns for the players

It’s simple, the lower the upkeep costs, the more lenient the medium will be.
In fact, brick and mortar casinos are considerably less profitable for beginners and rookie bettors, and this is one reasonGambling website can also give access to free tournaments, 1 cent betting minimums, freerolls, spins and more.
While free spins, rolls and bonuses aren’t open, it incentivises players to join the website. Not only are these gifts bringing more players, but they are also very lucrative for both the house and the smart gambler. There are many instances where intelligent speculators (who often get lucky) end up with a good profit using these bonuses.
While this isn’t the case with all gamblers, the won amount from online casinos can be easily used to earn big money down the road.

The interesting and funny story of Slots

Slots 2018 UK

A slot machine has many names; puggy for the Scottish, fruit machine for the British and the slots for Canadians.  A typical slot is where there three or sometimes more significant number of reals that spin together after the user presses the button. Initially operated by pulling down a leaver, they were often called one-armed bandits. This was because they were known to impoverish the player and put them in dept. Modern-day slot machines, however, still have the leaver alongside a button. Slots are quite old and are a part of gambling for over 100 years.

History of Slot Machines

The Precursor to the modern slots Back in 1891, a gambling machine was created by Sittman and Pitt which was the precursor to the slots. Initially, this device wasn’t meant for hardcore casino gambling.  Being based on poker, a person would insert a nickel and home to get a right hand of cards. Since it had five drums with over 50 cards, if you got a right hand let’s say a pair of kings, you’d get a free beer. But, if you got a royal flush you’d be bestowed with cigarettes and maybe free booze. These were mostly used in local bars and pubs and didn’t make their way towards casinos till later.

The First Slot Machine

Charles Fey devised an ingenious new way to gamble. By replacing the five drums with 3 and by replacing the ten cards with five symbols, he changed the face of the slots forever. Mostly, he devised up a plan that is closest to the modern slot and also had a payout system inherently. The symbols were diamonds, spades, hearts, horseshoes and a liberty bell. In fact, the liberty bell symbol gave the machine its name, which was also called the liberty bell. Manufacturing of the Liberty Bell started in 1899 by Charles Fey of San Francisco. The most significant possible payout was ten nickels or 50 cents. Being a huge success, they couldn’t keep up with the demand. Here, many slot machine manufacturers copied the design.

Modernization of Slot Machines

With microprocessor now reasonably familiar, computers have made their way inside of the slots. Modern slot machines have a different probability assigned to each symbol.
As opposed to older slot machines, even if you were “so close” to winning, doesn’t mean anything. Mainly because the probabilities are factually much lower. Microprocessors and computerised slot machines allowed casinos to set payout levels set by the gambling legislation. There are two routes for the inserted coin, either it could go to the cashbox which benefits the owner. Or it could be directed towards a payout reservoir being advantageous to the prize pool.  Controlled with the microprocessor and proximity sensors, the drums are controlled by stepper motors. There are also controlling software that displays the drums on the screen to the gambler. After deciding the amount of payout (if any), the machine gives the command to the drums to stop, and the user gets their payout.

No Deposit Bonus in Online Casinos

UK No Deposit 2018

No Deposit Bonus 2018

Among the fierce competition between different online gambling websites and casinos, there are various strategies employed by every one of them.
The primary purpose is to draw in new customers; this means that the strategies they do end up using must be lucrative.
Some of the significant strategies include things like Free Spins, Cash Bonus of up to 100% and so on.For now, another major way is the No Deposit Casino Bonus.
Again, there are no short cut methods that enable users to get a massive profit from online casinos just by these no deposit bonuses.
Whether or not you’re an avid gambler, an experienced or an average one, there are always risks involved.

What is a No Deposit Bonus?

To initiate new customers into their casino’s risk-free, this bonus is added.
No customer wants to spend their hard-earned money on a casino they’re not used to.
For the most part, they don’t want their money to be used in an establishment that isn’t comfortable to them.
This No deposit casino bonus for new players is implemented to try their lucks to the max.
Although, these bonuses are often used by experienced and strategy heavy players too.
They use it by quitting while they’re ahead and taking it to the bank.
Though there is always risk involved, new or experienced, it can be anyone’s time to be lucky.

No deposit Bonus Rules 2018

Obviously, if casinos were giving away free money, they’d be out of the business in no time.
However, even though this deposit seems like charity, it isn’t.
There are always stringent guidelines that accompany these bonuses.
Whenever you sign up for a gambling website, you will find these in the terms and conditions.
Often in the form of Wagering Requirements, you’d have to play a certain amount of time before withdrawing.
This means that it doesn’t matter if you hit the jackpot unless you end up playing for a reasonable amount of time or deposit a certain amount, you can’t have the money.
This is how casinos bend the advantage towards themselves.

How you can take advantage 2018

Well, as for all things in life, moderation is key. This is the reason why smart-gamblers can get away with their investment and some cash on top to the bank.
It is important not to keep going while you’re ahead of the game.
If you’ve successfully completed the Waging Requirements, then you are eligible to withdraw your winnings.
Being a game of chance, if you get lucky, there is a good chance you can get some profit.
No Deposit Bonuses aren’t your friend, they enable you to check the game out and try your luck to the fullest, but they are not, as mentioned before, free.
If you find a reputable casino and you win big in it, you need to deposit your own money to get a return in a lot of the cases.
This way, you can take advantage of the deposit bonus.




I Thing or Two About Free Spins

UK Free Spin Casino 2018What are Free Spins Bonuses?

Free spins bonuses are spins of a reel in which players do need to shell out to spin. Once the online casino caters players a free spin bonus, they are permitted to spin on a particular slot machine without giving out any amount, and the winnings will go directly to player’s bankroll or play money. These free spins are played by players on the highest amount of payline and the smallest size of a coin.

Usually, these free spins are related with a particular casino game and let players to be welcomed to a mobile or online slot machine without any risk. The amounts of winnings obtained from this type of bonus are likely to have wagering or betting requirements. Therefore the money needed to be played a specific amount of time before claiming it.

Types of Free Spins

  • Free spins without Wagering Requirements

To set apart from the rest, a lot of casinos today provide free spins without wagering requirements. These are becoming very popular among casino players, and it is not hard to know why. Free spins bonuses work very similar to deposit free spin bonus, but, you do not have to bet your winnings later on. In short, you’ll be capable of making a withdrawal any time you want.

  • Deposit Free Spins Bonus

You will receive a free spin that is set at a particular value of coin on slot games once you make a deposit and utilise the exclusive bonus code. Most of the time, these free spins are a portion of the package bonuses players received once they make a deposit. Deposit the least amount and you are entitled to a match bonus plus free spins. No deposit free spin bonuses don’t have maximum withdrawal limit. However, you are needed to meet betting requirements before asking for withdrawal.

How do these Free Spins work?

These free bonuses will be given to gamers through promotions and welcome bonuses. Online casino allows players to spin slots without giving out any amount, and players get to keep their winnings that they receive during the valid time. Free spin bonuses are instantly set in utmost numbers of line on every slot game. What is more, the value of spins will be by the promotion. Players can stop the game for the period of a set of free spins. However, they can keep on once they reopen the slot game. These free spins are just valid for one game. Spins at present tied to one game only as well. In case you are given with these free spins bonuses, you’ll be informed when you open up a qualified game. This notification will show the number of free spins that you are entitled to as well as the amount of every spin.


All in all, free spins bonuses are an excellent way to improve your chance of winning in a casino online. However, make sure to just register or deal with a reliable casino to make the best out of its advantage.



Live Poker 2018

New Casinos 2018 UK

Poker has most undoubtedly become one of the most common card games in internet casinos and Las Vegas. And, mostly all people are entertained in playing various poker games as part of casino gambling and entertainment. It also indeed became a huge business and a huge success. This is just because of the fact that it is exciting and engaging to play.

History of Live Poker 2018

Live poker is indeed a milestone in the history of poker. It turned out to be an online poker gambling that can be played on in the comforts of homes. This was once a talked-about topic. Dating back in the early days of the game, it was just the only one played by gamers. This is especially true to the fact that computers have not yet been invented.
It is also the rise of computer poker that has given players a chance to be in the same room. Due to computer advances, players were able to pit their wits against all other fictional players. And, this is often in a simulated version of the game.
Fast forward to the present age of the Internet; more options were developed. These have permitted real-life players of competing with one another by way of web connection.

What is Live Poker 2018?

Live Poker is introduced to be a game that can be played by gamers in real time. This usually involves players competing with one another in a casino environment, either via an internet poker game or online. This is also often broadcasted on television that allows viewers of watching the action while it unfolds.
It is sometimes true that Live Poker can be slow because of the decision-making involved in real time. But, it is filled with a lot of tensions coming from players around the double bluff and table bluff. Even if this cannot be considered as a sport, it still shares a lot of unpredictable events and exciting moments. These events are usually linked to live spots that are being watched out all around the world.

Different Types of Live Poker 2018

Below are mainly the different types of livepoker that you should be aware of.
Dealers Choice―In this game, each player will have to choose a new variant for the other player to play. Regarding the overall game and structure, they are all entirely the same. This is usually performed with real money or for free.
7-27―There is a lot of actions that you will appreciate the most. You will also leave your opponents guessing. This is played with ten players and without the use of wildcards.
Follow the Queen―This is derived from the Seven Card Stud, and this is also dealt in a manner (2 down, four up and one down).
There are still more types of live poker that you will appreciate playing with.

How do you Get Live Poker 2018?

To be able to get into the game of LivePoker, you will need to enter a card room or a casino. You will then need to talk to a floor person who will put you in a game right away. There are usually house rules that you need to follow.
Afterwards, decide the right variant of poker to play with (No Limit/Limit) that you would want to play. Buy some chips in minimum amount if you play No Limit. For play Limit, it is suggested to have 20 to 25x which is already quite a reasonable amount.
If you need assistance, it is suggested to ask the dealer or even the floor person. That is just merely the ways to have fun and excitement and to engage with people!


With all the information presented about Live Poker 2018, it only tells us about the importance of becoming a winning and successful live player. Understanding the variance and staying just patient all throughout the game can help you succeed. Take the time to slow down and realize that luck is not an element in winning out this game.