Top Women Of Expert’s Poker


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Since life is a diversion of opportunities so also is recreational games, because before someone can come out as a winner, there must have been competition, and even there must be a loser(s). Most poker players that are experts now were unknown when they started, and it was majorly either through knowing someone that plays it or developing a passion for it and sitting up in front of their computer screens all day playing it. There are also females that are making it big in this game. The best women that are experts in playing poker goes from Vanessa K. Selbst, Kathy Leibeit, Anne Duke and Annette Obrestad and several other ones.

Vanessa K. Selbst

She was born into a family of Jewish parents in Brooklyn, New York. Vanessa is an accomplished expert in playing poker. Though she also works at Bridgewater Associates Investment Management Firm. Vanessa K. Selbst happens to be the number one woman that won the three World Series Of Poker bracelets (WSOP) and also the Main event North American Poker Tour. She is well educated, and in that light, she got a degree in Political science and even went further to get a law degree in 2012. Her name is top on the list of the Top women of experts poker, which means she is the most excellent amongst her colleagues. She is making it big with playing poker she also maintains her Job, without one disturbing another.

Annie LaBarr Duke

She is an expert when it comes to playing poker, more so, after Vanessa, she is the second most excellent with skills, and her name is second on the list of top women of expert poker players. Annie Duke was initially known as Annie LaBarr Lederer before she got married. Annie’s poker playing ability is more like a family trait as her parents were also players. So she grew up to love playing poker at a very early age. Annie played her first game in Texas hold’em at a young age of 22-year-old, in a casino. Annie got in competition in the year 1994’s world series of poker in Las Vegas when her brother encouraged her to try. But she left Las Vegas later in pursuit of professionalising her career poker. All this paid off because currently, she is the second best expert in poker playing.

Annette Obrestad

Annette Obrestad was born on September 18, 1988. She is presently the youngest female to have ever won the world series of poker bracelets, and she also won at the 2007 Poker bracelets of World Series Of Poker Europe (WOPE). She began her poker playing career at the age of I5 and about less than 24hours to her 19th birthday, Annette won the World Series Of Poker Europe with a total amount of $2.01 million as at that time. Obrestad had a very close chance to win her second primary live title in November 2007 at the European Poker Tour, but she didn’t get to be the winner and fortunately she was still able to complete the game-winning a second place position which added an exact amount of $431,184.

Everyone and anyone can play poker, all it requires is just a little effort and commitment. The list of the Top women of professional poker is long, and it comprises of hardworking career women, who have other duties aside from playing poker. That is to say, poker is not for lazy people.