What is a No Account Casino


Many new online casinos have all kinds the fun and excitement wrapped all in one place. For some players, all they want is to jump into the confusion and start enjoying the fun. In most cases, it is not as simple as it seems. Generally, many casinos require that players register. Likewise, they try as much as possible to keep the process simple. However, it takes more than just signing up. The method of verification can be a little demanding. That’s because players are required to provide a valid government ID to verify their age among other things. Hence, lots of players look out for casinos that create room for players to share in the excitement without necessarily having an account with them.

Security 2019

In a no account casino you don’t have to provide any sensitive information. Since no registration is required, you don’t have to provide sensitive details like your address, email, phone number etc. Also, there is no age verification, and that could pose a challenge as there is no means of identifying the age of players. The only information you have to provide is your account number. Cool right?

Just make a deposit

In a no account casino, you go ahead and make your deposit. Hence, you dive right in to choose from a wide range of casino games without wasting any time.

Instant withdrawals

In a no account casino, the aim is just customer satisfaction through stress-free methods. This includes Instant withdrawals which are a definite feature that players will always love. Customers enjoy the ease of getting their earnings as they play without waiting for a period which could be days.


No account casinos have a system which makes sure your privacy is protected. Therefore this means that instead of identifying you with your name, another method is used like your bank ID. This assures you that the casino has no access to any of your personal information. A no-account casino does not collect any personal data.

Easy login

The login process of a no-account casino is straightforward. Therefore, you go ahead to click the deposit button. Hence you just chose your location and the currency you want to deposit with. Make payments through online payment systems like Trustly or even with Bitcoin.

No registration, no verification 2019

A no-account casino does not require any form of lengthy registration and verification process. Meanwhile, other kinds of casinos may require this process but a no account casino saves you this lull in your gaming excitement.

Transfer charges

Some of these no account casino does not charge you anything to transfer your winnings to your account. This, however, depends on the selected payment methods as there are platforms that charge transactions fees.

Some casinos which operate as a no-account casino include:

  • Ninja casino
  • No account casino
  • Come on casino
  • Kaboo casino
  • Casumo casino
  • Codetta casino
  • Dunder casino
  • Genesis casino
  • play casino
  • Slot planet casino


If all of the above appeals to you, then you might want to check out any of these casinos or any other platform that offers you this fantastic opportunity. To keep up with the the new no accound casinos 2019 in Ireland go to our favourite site www.newcasinos.ie. Thanks for reading my blog and for stopping by.

Top Women Of Expert’s Poker


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Since life is a diversion of opportunities so also is recreational games, because before someone can come out as a winner, there must have been competition, and even there must be a loser(s). Most poker players that are experts now were unknown when they started, and it was majorly either through knowing someone that plays it or developing a passion for it and sitting up in front of their computer screens all day playing it. There are also females that are making it big in this game. The best women that are experts in playing poker goes from Vanessa K. Selbst, Kathy Leibeit, Anne Duke and Annette Obrestad and several other ones.

Vanessa K. Selbst

She was born into a family of Jewish parents in Brooklyn, New York. Vanessa is an accomplished expert in playing poker. Though she also works at Bridgewater Associates Investment Management Firm. Vanessa K. Selbst happens to be the number one woman that won the three World Series Of Poker bracelets (WSOP) and also the Main event North American Poker Tour. She is well educated, and in that light, she got a degree in Political science and even went further to get a law degree in 2012. Her name is top on the list of the Top women of experts poker, which means she is the most excellent amongst her colleagues. She is making it big with playing poker she also maintains her Job, without one disturbing another.

Annie LaBarr Duke

She is an expert when it comes to playing poker, more so, after Vanessa, she is the second most excellent with skills, and her name is second on the list of top women of expert poker players. Annie Duke was initially known as Annie LaBarr Lederer before she got married. Annie’s poker playing ability is more like a family trait as her parents were also players. So she grew up to love playing poker at a very early age. Annie played her first game in Texas hold’em at a young age of 22-year-old, in a casino. Annie got in competition in the year 1994’s world series of poker in Las Vegas when her brother encouraged her to try. But she left Las Vegas later in pursuit of professionalising her career poker. All this paid off because currently, she is the second best expert in poker playing.

Annette Obrestad

Annette Obrestad was born on September 18, 1988. She is presently the youngest female to have ever won the world series of poker bracelets, and she also won at the 2007 Poker bracelets of World Series Of Poker Europe (WOPE). She began her poker playing career at the age of I5 and about less than 24hours to her 19th birthday, Annette won the World Series Of Poker Europe with a total amount of $2.01 million as at that time. Obrestad had a very close chance to win her second primary live title in November 2007 at the PokerStars.com European Poker Tour, but she didn’t get to be the winner and fortunately she was still able to complete the game-winning a second place position which added an exact amount of $431,184.

Everyone and anyone can play poker, all it requires is just a little effort and commitment. The list of the Top women of professional poker is long, and it comprises of hardworking career women, who have other duties aside from playing poker. That is to say, poker is not for lazy people.

How to Play Slots Online

how-to-play-slots-online 2018

Slot machines have evolved over the years. The real money online slots introduced in 1990 has also been improved from its initial one payline and few reels. Nowadays, real money online slots can have as much as five reels and a millennium payline including catchy animations. They only one pay line and just a few reels. Majority of web slots work in similar ways although some changes are introduced by their developers. This is one of the reasons most have a free trial so that players can have a feel of the game before purchasing. Some slots consist of as many as ten different individual symbols. This largely depends on the theme of the slot which can range from superheroes, poker symbols and what have you.

About Online Slot

After opening the online slot from an instant play site or online casino, the game reels will pop up. The old slots have three vertical spindles, but modern video slots have 5. Each of the reels will have about 20 symbols about the theme of the slot. Spinning the coils can be done with the aid of the ‘Spin’ button. Some games also have the ‘Stop’ button to bring the reel to an end by yourself.

Pay table offers insight on the payouts for striking different winnings combos, and this should be checked before spinning a reel. After doing this, some paylines and bet sizes should be set. This is immediately followed by the number of coins a player wants to stake on a specific line. A number of the stake is usually between one and ten coins for each line. A player can bet on a single pay line or all pay lines available; this is done at the bottom of the game screen.

Number of Paylines

However, some slots have an established number of paylines. Therefore the number of available paylines is non-negotiable. It can bring about greater rewards although more money will be spent. Winnings are paid out although some cash slots provide you with the opportunity of doubling your winnings via gamble button.

Wild Symbols

Wild symbols may replace regular symbols to create winning combinations. Wins tend being doubled or even tripled due to the multiplier using the Wild symbol. On the other hand, the scatter symbol pay is advantageous if a player hits a minimum of two anywhere along the reels. However, running 3 or more Scatters on the coils will prompt a bonus feature and also a special bonus reward. Free Spins is the likeliest reward to be offered. About three to fifteen free spins can be provided and it is automatically spun by the computer. Hitting another three scatter symbol gives another room for more gifts.

What makes a good casino great in 2018?

casino bonus 2018

There are many different opinions of what makes a good casino great. In this article we will describe our point of view and what we are looking for when we search for a new casino. Here is a list of priorities that we try to look after for new casinos 2018:

  • Trustworthy – If you are a UK player. Make sure to pick a licensed UK casino.
  • Welcome Bonus – Choose a casino where you get a big matching bonus.
  • Wagering requirements – To be able to have a chance to withdrawal money, look for a casino with maximum 35x wagering requirements.
  • Live Chat – We really love live chats, emails and telephone is not used any more.
  • Payment methods – No fees for making deposit or withdrawal money.
  • Gamification – A fun casino is better to play at, because you must face it. You are playing casino because it is fun, there are no guarantees of winning money.
  • Mobile casino – All casinos work on the phone now, but there is a huge difference in how the feel, and look is. Choose a casino that works excellent on your phone.

Make sure to compare new online casino sites 2018

When you want to pick a new online casino, you have the responsibility to choose the one that fits your need. Luckily there many good websites like Pricerunner but for casinos. One website that has specialised in comparing new casinos https://newcasinoonline.com/ list all new ones from 2018. Check what type of bonus offers for each casino, if they have license before you make your choice. It is always good to read the user terms and conditions and remember only play with your extra money or entertainment money.

So many new types of casino bonus offers

One thing that makes it complicated for the not to experienced casino player is to choose casino bonus. In the list above, we wrote above welcome bonus and wagering requirements but there are more to think about. What are the maximum bet you can make with bonus money. Which games can you play with your casino bonus. To find more information of what to think about when choosing a casino bonus check out https://casinoonline.casino/casino-bonus/ and read their comprehensive bonus guide. There are so much to think about so if you ever have questions about casino bonuses, just ask any of the comparison sites. They are experts on these kinds of questions.

Slot games based on movies or music bands

Slot game bases on movies


The slot machines have gone through major transformation over the years. The basic fruit machines have now been replaced by theme and story-based machines, with improved playing experience and entertainment. The rise of the online casino games has made the movie and music-themed slots extremely popular. This popularity is also due to the appeal of Hollywood movies, addition of components like authentic video clips, amazing sound effect and most importantly, the involvement of huge jackpot. The slot games based on movies are mostly available online. Below is some popular slot based games on movies and music bands.

1) Star Wars Trilogy

The once popular tri-movie series Star Wars, is available as slot games. The Star Wars, the Empire Strikes along with the Return of the Jedi appear in the form of gameplay. 30 credits are needed to start each of the three games; many bonus options are available during the course of the play that includes Ewok Adventure Bonus and Rapid Reload Feature. The players enjoy getting a first-hand experience of playing in some of the most famous of Star Wars confrontations. Moreover, the player can also get thebenefit of earning some extra bucks if the chosen character wins.

2) The Dark Knight

The movie released in 2008 has been a center of attraction in many casinos. The five-reel slot machine has been created by IGT and Microgaming, with the IGT version designed solely for land casinos and the Microgaming for online players. The game features original clippings of the movie and can be played by many players at the same time. The biggest high of the game includes the Battle of Gotham which offers community bonus. This features the white-knuckle chase fought between Joker and the Batman, many players can join to win a chance of getting the progressive jackpot. The players need to make a choice between Batman and Joker in order to win credits pertaining to their success.

3) Bridesmaids

The online slot game comprises of five-reel and 30 payline. The game gives an option of meeting the six characters of the movie Lilian, Helen, Rita, Annie, Megan, and Becca. There are many coin amounts that one gains by searching the bridesmaid. Various bonus options are also available that includes the wheel bonus,that further leads to winning other bonus likeFlying High Free Spins and Friendship Free Spins. Moreover, the Magic Moments feature comprise of allowing players to select the best 10 favorite moments from the film and get rewarded.

4) Elton John

The slot machine based on the famous singer is a combination of signboard, accessories, music notes and many symbols based on Elton. The bonus round features the “I’m Still Standing” along with “Saturday Night’s All Right For Fighting. “Moreover, the mainstay of the game is the “Rocket Man” functions, which showcase Elton John flying around the screen like a rocket and haphazardly changing all the things he touches into thehinterland.

5) Grease

The game is adapted from the famous musical film “John”. The land-based casino game is 5 reel and 25 playline games and doesn’t cost a fortune to play. The slot is powered by original music and scenes from the film and offers multiple bonus features.


How did it come to be so many new online casinos?

UK New casinos

With the explosion of devices that could access the internet, every old tradition has had a rehaul. And casinos are no stranger to modernisation. Today more people gamble via apps on their androids and iPhones than pulling the slot machine handles. Have you ever put on a suit and gone to throw dice? I doubt it, but raise your hand if you have made a bet via your favourite mobile casino? That is what I thought casinos have innovated to meet the demand of the modern world. Which is why there are an ever growing plethora of online casinos to choose from. So it begs the question, how did it come to be so many new online casinos?

Most people these days have a smartphone which means they can access a new online casino. Read on the find out how it came to be that so many online casinos are created every day.


No one these days has time to sit in a dark casino pulling the slot machine handle. Or keep your suit clean and follow the casino’s dress code! No these days people want to gamble while on the bus. Casinos have merely developed the demand. People want to win jackpots and share them via facebook, twitter or even Instagram. New online casinos have all the perks of being on your phone meaning you’re connected wherever you go. Only pull out your favourite device, and you are ready to gamble.

No dress code

Gone are the days of applying for a membership to enter your local casino. No more having to need to know someone to get in. New mobile casinos just require a quick sign up and a couple of information to confirm you can legally gamble. Once you have installed their app or signed up on their website, it is time to venture. You can have fun anywhere and no need to worry about some bouncer ruining your night.

The stigma is gone

New online casinos now have rigorous regulation to follow which is enforced by governments. The days of big online casino scams are behind us. Security is of the utmost importance for online gambling websites. The general public has accepted that gambling websites are here to stay. With the regulation in place to ensure people’s money are safe the stigma is now gone. This has led to the online gambling industry receiving huge investments.


The rapid rise in mobile and online technology has given companies the platforms they need. Now gambling websites work flawlessly, and apps run smoothly. Devices like iPhones and Android phones have higher quality systems which give players a better experience. Online payment methods have jumped up also giving people all sorts of natural options. If it were hard to deposit money online, then new mobile casinos would just not be possible. And with the rise of cryptocurrencies, more innovation is sure to be seen.

New Online Casinos UK

Are you interesting in staying up-to-date with new online casinos in the UK 2018 you should read the guides at https://www.new-onlinecasinos.uk/ This is our favourite site as of now, but there are plenty of other great similar new casino 2018 pages on the net?

It is a fascinating industry that has received exponential growth in the recent years. Even though it might be a hot trend for the moment gambling has been part of humanity for centuries. One thing is for sure new mobile casinos will always be opening.

Top 6 Movies about Gambling

casino movies 2018

Every one of them who is obsessed with gambling would surely have not just seen, but imbibed from the following famous movies about gambling. Being an all-time favourite of many, these films have taken gambling to an all new level. Let us take a look at the top 6 gambling movies.

Casino Royale:

In this flick, James Bond played by Daniel Craig is agent 007 who has been sent on a mission to bankrupt a terrorist financer, who goes by the name Le Chiffre. What entails next is a poker game with exorbitantly high stakes. As the movie progresses, James Bond falls in love with Vesper Lynd. She is a treasury employee who provides the money that he needs for the game. It received rave responses from the masses all over the world.

The Sting

This movie has an intellectual plot involving two professional grifters. Played by Paul Newman and Robert Redford, they are on a mission to con the boss (Robert Shaw) of a mob. This story is inspired by the real-life incident that was perpetrated by the Gondorff brothers, Fred and Charley. This movie had 10 Oscar nominations and won 7 of them.

California Split:

Friendship blossoms between two men who are in love with gambling. One of them is a professional gambler while the other one is on his way to becoming one. Under unforeseen circumstances (wrongfully accused of colluding at a poker table in a casino), their proximity grows. They are in debt, they play, and they win a large sum of money. In the end, they split ways. The movie will tell you why.


In this film, a handicap, called “Ace” is called by an Italian Mob to watch over the day to day operations in Las Vegas. “Nicky” gives him the protection that he needs for his dangerous job. They go on to make money from the cartel so that the mobsters are kept in line. This film has won critical acclaim through and through.

The Gambler:

An English professor and author, Axel Freed has an addiction to gambling. Soon, he loses control, and he obtains an enormous debt. He manages to convince his mother that he needs a large sum of money to save his life. His mortified mother helps him out. He gambles away even that amount, and his debt only grows. Soon his family stops helping him. He lures one of his students into a bribe and finally pays off his debt, but his obsession with gambling continues.

He even lures a pimp into a life or death game by refusing to pay a prostitute. He nearly beats the pimp to death, but the prostitute slashes his face. He smiles with an enigma.

The Hustler:

Inspired by a novel of the same name, The Hustler tells us a tale about a pool hustler who wants to make it big in the professional hustling field. He claims high stakes and wins big. Due to the jealousy of others, he pays a personal price. This story is based in New York. He challenges the biggest and the best hustlers.

This pretty much sums up the best gambling movies.

No Deposit Bonus 2018 in the United Kingdom – Part 2

No deposit bonus 2018 part 2

What is No Deposit Bonus 2018 UK?

In an age, where ‘going digital’ has become the daily mantra, life without the Internet is unthinkable. We communicate through email and web chat, shop online, conduct business through websites, watch movies online, so why leave the comfort of our homes to play casino games? Online casino gambling, once a small niche, has risen to dizzy heights, and today you can experience the thrills of online gambling, anytime and almost from anywhere. Regardless of the device you have- a laptop, a tablet or a mobile phone, you can take the casino game with you wherever you go.

Types of No deposit bonus 2018 offered by casinos

Although the beginning of online gambling is a little hazy- (somewhere in the mid-1990’s), the concept has evolved with the passage of time. Before the 2000’s however, you’d have to dip into your pocket if you wanted to ‘make or break’ your fortune. Today, players are offered no deposit bonus to attract them- a Match no deposit bonus for signing up and depositing money in your account- the casino doubles your insertion by matching the dollar value of your initial money insertion.

This was fine till players continued to play in the same casino, but if they wanted to play elsewhere, then a match no deposit bonus would be of no use to them. Targeting this section of people, online casinos started a new trend- offering a “no deposit bonus 2018’, where players got money to play, without having to make an insertion initially. The concept of ‘free cash’ just to play is indeed tempting!!

Types of No Deposit Bonus

There are different types of no deposit bonus 2018, and different casinos offer either one or more flavour.

  • The casino offers players fixed credits for every new account- small amounts like $5 or $10 to let you experience its various offerings. The money you win and subject to a few caveats– yours to keep
  • extra spin no deposit bonus 2018- these are usually linked to either a single game or specific slot games that the casino is trying to promote. Instead of giving you money to play with, you are given free spins. The winnings (if any) belong to you provided you meet the ‘wagering requirements’, and you don’t lose it on the free spins
  • free time play- You can play for free for a stipulated set period- win as much as you can and get to keep it provided certain requirements and conditions are met
  • loyalty bonus these are rebates given usually to existing players for their loyalty and as an incentive to keep them playing at that particular casino

Most of the ‘no deposit bonus 2018’ that are in vogue are directed at new players that sign up for a new account and download their casino software. These conditions are not explicitly stated but implied.

Claiming a ‘no deposit bonus’

  • first find a casino that offers the type of ‘no deposit bonus’ that you’re looking for
  • create an account- choose your no deposit bonus; but before doing so, check out its terms and conditions just to arm yourself with info
  • use your no deposit bonus and start playing the games you’re entitled to- you keep everything you win
  • No deposit bonus usually come with high wagering requirements- so do ensure that you meet the wagering requirements before you claim your winnings
  • with that done, you’re free to take it out and do what you want with it

No deposit bonus uk 2018A ‘no deposit bonus’ is a great way to find out ‘whether you like what you see’ without having to use your credit card. So go ahead and play on the strength of your bonus but be sure to read the terms and conditions thoroughly. A great way to keep track of the latest new no deposit bonus 2018 sites is to visit New Casino Sites 2018 UK regularly.

Good luck finding the best no deposit bonus!

Big Casino Tournaments

The online world is getting bigger, and perhaps better too- you can just about do anything from the comfort of your home- yes, you can even go to an online casino and notch up winnings or lose those hard earned pounds. With casino gambling reaching new heights in the United Kingdom, online casinos are becoming very popular and are favourite haunts of a public that loves betting in all forms- be it sports, horses or casino games.

What are casino tournaments?

In an effort to enhance the entertainment experience, casinos are now encouraging players to pit their skills against others or compete against the casino itself by participating in casino tournaments. Tournaments can be held on a group of games or just a single game;   those games that are a part of the tournament have a trophy icon against them. They give gamblers a chance to win big money or tournament prizes.

The Difference

Tournaments are different from regular casino online games in that in the latter players play a slot or spin a roulette wheel and bank their winnings. In tournaments, players are given ‘play chips’ and have to build the biggest chip stack in a limited time. The faster they play and win, the bigger their prize.

How winners are named

Different casinos hold different tournaments and tournament prizes are different for different competitions. These can range from gadgets and holidays to cash, free tokens and even cars. Tournaments are organized in different ways and winners too are chosen differently.

  • single biggest win over a single round- you win as much as you can in a limited time-frame- players with the most money and the best pay out percentage wins
  • most significant pay-out (total) over many consecutive rounds- players with the most winnings over a stipulated number of consecutive rounds and the best pay out percentage over the same number of rounds
  • if you can stay till the end and outlast the other gamblers

Based on a formula, the results of all competing players are indicated on a leader board so that at any point of time, they’ll know where they actually stand. At the end of the time-frame, the player/s right at the top will walk off with the tournament prize. Players can take part in many tournaments simultaneously in the same casino.

There is no tournament fee as such, and if you happen to play a game (for real money) that’s part of the tournament, then you’ll automatically become a participant.

Some other casino tournaments

Some casinos organize special High Roller Tournaments to reward high spenders in their casinos. These players usually either deposit big sums of money monthly or play with this deposit over a period of time. They play for higher stakes and if they win, the prizes too are high-end.

Online Tournaments

There are online casino slot tournaments too where players are given a particular number of spins to play on a particular slot. Reel Races are run every half-hour or so and resemble ‘turbo’ tournaments. The aim in both these tournaments is to win as much as you can and as consecutively as you can.


Picking the right games to play in a tournament and winning is a sure way to earn easy pounds; so do keep track of tournaments by looking at the tournament schedule, pick your favourite and start bankrolling.

Famous Casino Scams to be aware of

Casino be aware 2018

Today lots more people can play casino games thanks to the advent of the online sites. People can play a game or two to relax at night after a day’s hard work. It is so refreshing and also rejoicing when you win a game too. Even if you lose it is still entertaining to compete with some peers and friends.

However, you need to be careful of the sites you log into. At the outset, the sites will look neat and authentic, but they may be fake or fraud. There are chances of being cheated of the winning amount or some other way. Double check the site or register with the site on the recommendation of an experienced player.

It was the land-based casinos being duped by some chisellers before, but now it is the other way round. It is found that these sites cheat people.

What are the ways then can you be cheated?

Closure of account

A typical trick that is played by several casinos is to close the accounts of people for no reason whatsoever. Usually, this may happen when a player wins a big. Then the casino site may fabricate some reason for the closure of the account of the player. The winnings of the player will be blocked, and he or she cannot withdraw it. This will lead to a lot of frustration and anger on the part of the player. So before you register on any site check the review section. If any of the players have such an experience, it will be prudent to avoid that site. Trustpilot will give accurate casino ratings, so you need to check here.

Fixing games

Another ploy of the casino sites to make a considerable profit is to set the games. The software is rigged. It is made in a way that it is always that the house wins and you lose. So there will be no player who has won some cash. What you may think is that you have been unlucky. Then you wish to try your luck every time, but still, lady luck doesn’t favour you. If this is continuously happening, then you need to check if anyone has won cash from that site. If no then you can infer it is a scam. You need to withdraw the registration and stop playing immediately.

Information getting stolen

When you register on a casino site, you need to impart some of your details and also your bank details. Some have found to their dismay that all the money from their bank account would have been stolen. There may be racket running in the name of casino game sites. Their main aim is to know some of the personal details and which bank you are registered with. They may be working with some hackers and steal all your money. So instead of earning some money after registration, you may be left a pauper. To avoid such incident, please ensure it is a safe casino site.

Winnings not paid

Another kind of scam that is prevalent among the casino sites is the winnings not being paid. Many a time it so happens that a player wins a considerable amount. Another player may be continuously gaining, and a vast amount will be accumulated into his or her account. In both these cases, the amount will be unpaid. Some stupid or unceremonious reason may be cited for this act. The owners of the site only want a pretext not to pay when it is a considerable amount. They will win your trust by paying you when it is a small amount and cheat you when you win big.

All you need to do is verify thoroughly before you register with any of the casino sites so that you do not get cheated.