Slot games based on movies or music bands

Slot game bases on movies


The slot machines have gone through major transformation over the years. The basic fruit machines have now been replaced by theme and story-based machines, with improved playing experience and entertainment. The rise of the online casino games has made the movie and music-themed slots extremely popular. This popularity is also due to the appeal of Hollywood movies, addition of components like authentic video clips, amazing sound effect and most importantly, the involvement of huge jackpot. The slot games based on movies are mostly available online. Below is some popular slot based games on movies and music bands.

1) Star Wars Trilogy

The once popular tri-movie series Star Wars, is available as slot games. The Star Wars, the Empire Strikes along with the Return of the Jedi appear in the form of gameplay. 30 credits are needed to start each of the three games; many bonus options are available during the course of the play that includes Ewok Adventure Bonus and Rapid Reload Feature. The players enjoy getting a first-hand experience of playing in some of the most famous of Star Wars confrontations. Moreover, the player can also get thebenefit of earning some extra bucks if the chosen character wins.

2) The Dark Knight

The movie released in 2008 has been a center of attraction in many casinos. The five-reel slot machine has been created by IGT and Microgaming, with the IGT version designed solely for land casinos and the Microgaming for online players. The game features original clippings of the movie and can be played by many players at the same time. The biggest high of the game includes the Battle of Gotham which offers community bonus. This features the white-knuckle chase fought between Joker and the Batman, many players can join to win a chance of getting the progressive jackpot. The players need to make a choice between Batman and Joker in order to win credits pertaining to their success.

3) Bridesmaids

The online slot game comprises of five-reel and 30 payline. The game gives an option of meeting the six characters of the movie Lilian, Helen, Rita, Annie, Megan, and Becca. There are many coin amounts that one gains by searching the bridesmaid. Various bonus options are also available that includes the wheel bonus,that further leads to winning other bonus likeFlying High Free Spins and Friendship Free Spins. Moreover, the Magic Moments feature comprise of allowing players to select the best 10 favorite moments from the film and get rewarded.

4) Elton John

The slot machine based on the famous singer is a combination of signboard, accessories, music notes and many symbols based on Elton. The bonus round features the “I’m Still Standing” along with “Saturday Night’s All Right For Fighting. “Moreover, the mainstay of the game is the “Rocket Man” functions, which showcase Elton John flying around the screen like a rocket and haphazardly changing all the things he touches into thehinterland.

5) Grease

The game is adapted from the famous musical film “John”. The land-based casino game is 5 reel and 25 playline games and doesn’t cost a fortune to play. The slot is powered by original music and scenes from the film and offers multiple bonus features.


Big Casino Tournaments

The online world is getting bigger, and perhaps better too- you can just about do anything from the comfort of your home- yes, you can even go to an online casino and notch up winnings or lose those hard earned pounds. With casino gambling reaching new heights in the United Kingdom, online casinos are becoming very popular and are favourite haunts of a public that loves betting in all forms- be it sports, horses or casino games.

What are casino tournaments?

In an effort to enhance the entertainment experience, casinos are now encouraging players to pit their skills against others or compete against the casino itself by participating in casino tournaments. Tournaments can be held on a group of games or just a single game;   those games that are a part of the tournament have a trophy icon against them. They give gamblers a chance to win big money or tournament prizes.

The Difference

Tournaments are different from regular casino online games in that in the latter players play a slot or spin a roulette wheel and bank their winnings. In tournaments, players are given ‘play chips’ and have to build the biggest chip stack in a limited time. The faster they play and win, the bigger their prize.

How winners are named

Different casinos hold different tournaments and tournament prizes are different for different competitions. These can range from gadgets and holidays to cash, free tokens and even cars. Tournaments are organized in different ways and winners too are chosen differently.

  • single biggest win over a single round- you win as much as you can in a limited time-frame- players with the most money and the best pay out percentage wins
  • most significant pay-out (total) over many consecutive rounds- players with the most winnings over a stipulated number of consecutive rounds and the best pay out percentage over the same number of rounds
  • if you can stay till the end and outlast the other gamblers

Based on a formula, the results of all competing players are indicated on a leader board so that at any point of time, they’ll know where they actually stand. At the end of the time-frame, the player/s right at the top will walk off with the tournament prize. Players can take part in many tournaments simultaneously in the same casino.

There is no tournament fee as such, and if you happen to play a game (for real money) that’s part of the tournament, then you’ll automatically become a participant.

Some other casino tournaments

Some casinos organize special High Roller Tournaments to reward high spenders in their casinos. These players usually either deposit big sums of money monthly or play with this deposit over a period of time. They play for higher stakes and if they win, the prizes too are high-end.

Online Tournaments

There are online casino slot tournaments too where players are given a particular number of spins to play on a particular slot. Reel Races are run every half-hour or so and resemble ‘turbo’ tournaments. The aim in both these tournaments is to win as much as you can and as consecutively as you can.


Picking the right games to play in a tournament and winning is a sure way to earn easy pounds; so do keep track of tournaments by looking at the tournament schedule, pick your favourite and start bankrolling.

Famous Casino Scams to be aware of

Casino be aware 2018

Today lots more people can play casino games thanks to the advent of the online sites. People can play a game or two to relax at night after a day’s hard work. It is so refreshing and also rejoicing when you win a game too. Even if you lose it is still entertaining to compete with some peers and friends.

However, you need to be careful of the sites you log into. At the outset, the sites will look neat and authentic, but they may be fake or fraud. There are chances of being cheated of the winning amount or some other way. Double check the site or register with the site on the recommendation of an experienced player.

It was the land-based casinos being duped by some chisellers before, but now it is the other way round. It is found that these sites cheat people.

What are the ways then can you be cheated?

Closure of account

A typical trick that is played by several casinos is to close the accounts of people for no reason whatsoever. Usually, this may happen when a player wins a big. Then the casino site may fabricate some reason for the closure of the account of the player. The winnings of the player will be blocked, and he or she cannot withdraw it. This will lead to a lot of frustration and anger on the part of the player. So before you register on any site check the review section. If any of the players have such an experience, it will be prudent to avoid that site. Trustpilot will give accurate casino ratings, so you need to check here.

Fixing games

Another ploy of the casino sites to make a considerable profit is to set the games. The software is rigged. It is made in a way that it is always that the house wins and you lose. So there will be no player who has won some cash. What you may think is that you have been unlucky. Then you wish to try your luck every time, but still, lady luck doesn’t favour you. If this is continuously happening, then you need to check if anyone has won cash from that site. If no then you can infer it is a scam. You need to withdraw the registration and stop playing immediately.

Information getting stolen

When you register on a casino site, you need to impart some of your details and also your bank details. Some have found to their dismay that all the money from their bank account would have been stolen. There may be racket running in the name of casino game sites. Their main aim is to know some of the personal details and which bank you are registered with. They may be working with some hackers and steal all your money. So instead of earning some money after registration, you may be left a pauper. To avoid such incident, please ensure it is a safe casino site.

Winnings not paid

Another kind of scam that is prevalent among the casino sites is the winnings not being paid. Many a time it so happens that a player wins a considerable amount. Another player may be continuously gaining, and a vast amount will be accumulated into his or her account. In both these cases, the amount will be unpaid. Some stupid or unceremonious reason may be cited for this act. The owners of the site only want a pretext not to pay when it is a considerable amount. They will win your trust by paying you when it is a small amount and cheat you when you win big.

All you need to do is verify thoroughly before you register with any of the casino sites so that you do not get cheated.

A comparison between E-sport and sport

Esports betting

Esport vs Sport

E-sport has shown a jump in terms of revenue and audience that is incomparable toany other conventional sport. Statisticssuggest that growth shown in the last decade in e-sport is equivalent to a century of growthin traditional sport. Right now,e-sport has an audience base that is equivalent to volleyball or ice hockey. Despite so much evolution,e-sportis still struggling to get a status comparable to regular sport. Let’s explore some similarities and differences between sport and e-sport. Also, let’s try to find out why e-sport and its players are still not recognized at international sport events.

Definition and characteristics

A sport is characterized by physical exertion and skill and is played for entertainment. Examples are football, hockey, cricket etc. E-sporttoo requires skill, fast reflexes and quick thinking. Examples are League of legends and Dota 2. Originally video games were mostly played at individual level and mainly to pass time. They were more popular among teenagers and considered fun activity. But all that has changed in the past decade. With internet access easily available e-sport has grown to become competitive and more of team plays. Large scale tournaments of such games are being held worldwide.  Number of tournaments has increased from 10 in 2000 to 260 in 2010. Traditional sport is also all about competitive entertainment. Hence, e-sporthas skills, team play and competitions of the same level found in traditional sport.

Economics and insurance

Because of its infancy stage, e-sport does not boast of the same kind of financial advantages as regular sport.Professional players of regular sport get fees and a share of tournament profits. They are also provided insurance by their sport teams. They do not have to worry about arranging finances for their injury treatments. In case of e-sport, players do not profit from tournaments. There is also no health insurance for them. E-sport too has its own share of sport related injuries like wrist injuries caused due to repetitive strain. Players have to arrange for their own treatments in case of any injury. All this will hopefully change in future once e-sportgets same kind of recognition as regular sport.

Permanence and growth

One thing that differentiates e-sport from regular sport is the games permanence. Video games are evolving in nature. Sequels keep coming up. In case of traditionalsport like football or baseball, the game never changes. The rules followed by competitive community remains the same. In contrast, the life of individual e-sport game is not long. A particular game is replaced by its sequel. Rules of the game change as well as the competitive community changes. E-sport might be growing as a whole but that does not mean that each individual game is also growing. But this does not necessarily mean that this aspect of e-sport is bad. In fact, changes improve the game mechanics. They also keep people interested in the game and help in increasing its popularity.

What needs to be understood is that both sport and e-sport are subdivisions of “games for entertainment”. E-sport is still growing but, growing at a tremendous rate. Hence, it is high time that e-sports given the same level of professional status as a regular sport.

How to Bet On E-Sport – Part 3

esports bet

Esports betting

Betting on e-sport is gaining popularity worldwide. So, how exactly does one bet on e-sports? This guide will tell you exactly how. Read on to find out.


Bookmakers are now creating an as wide range of book markets across platforms like Counter Strike Global Offence, Starcraft II, League of Legends, etc. E-sports is nothing but electronic sports. These games are in the format of a video game, either in single or multiplayer modes. They involve real-time strategy with players teaming up from all over the world.

Organizing platforms such as Twitch and ESPN have been game changers when it comes to promoting E-sports. You will find all sorts of games on E-sports, on a worldwide platform.

Esports Betting:

If you are serious about betting on E-sports and are keen to make money, you will have to see what the odds are. Only based on that analysis, should you bet to be on the whole, satisfactory. In layman terms, if you bet on a team and that team wins, you win the prize money or the jackpot. If you bet on a side and that team loses, you lose your money. Well, to know which team to bet on, you will have to identify their history, strengths and weaknesses. You will also have to analyse how strong or weak their opponent is. Based on the analysis, if the odds are on the team you have chosen, it might seem safe to go ahead and bet. However, remember that anything can happen in the last second.

Some useful tips:


  1. Start betting small: Until you learn the rules of the game, start by betting small amounts. If you win, you win small, but remember, if you lose, you lose little as well. Once you understand the nitty gritty of the game, you can aim higher and win bigger.
  2. Bet where it counts: Place a bet only where there is value for the chance that you have made. You should technically know the betting value of your chosen game or portal.
  3. Take up the best odds: If the odds of both the competing teams are close, the stakes are higher too. But, it is wise not to place a bet until you feel that you know the team well enough. If it better to lose small that to lose big, right?
  4. Research Gameplay strategies: there are specific rules in every game. The best players know how to turn that disadvantage into an advantage. Those are the players who make a big difference to the game, and thus the result of the game. If you know your game plays well, you can take a safe and educated decision about the bet that you are going to place and possibly win.

This simple guide has given you the basics of betting on e-sports. Time to go out there and explore the exciting options.

What is E-Sports Betting?

Esports betting

What is e-sport?

Sport in any form has always fascinated human beings, and from time immemorial, it has always been there in some way or the other. Cave paintings and rock art are the testimony to the fact that competitive sports like swimming, archery, wrestling, existed a long, long, time ago. Today, in this digital age, with everything going electronic- e-commerce, e-mail, e-cars, even sports has donned a new avatar- eSport.

The playing fields of eSport

eSport, which is just another nomenclature of computer and video games, may not be played in stadiums like hockey, football and cricket are. However, they are just as popular and attract just as many people. Tournaments are held in big arenas all over the world, and large crowds watch with bated breath as professionals battle it out for recognition.  Once upon a time, eSport was just something people did- anywhere and anyhow- to pass the time. They played computer games with each other and pitted their skills against each other, but today this leisure sport has become a lucrative business and a serious one at that. So much so, that it’s now categorised as a “valid career choice!”

What skills does eSport require?

Just like any other team sport, computer or video gaming to requires players to have quick reflexes, be focused in their approach and react according to the situation. All this comes only by practice, and that’s what professional players do- practice for more than15 hours a day. The more they practice, the better they become, and their ability to multi-task reaches new heights. Playing computer games translates into hard work and rigorous training as players seek to perfect their actions and hone their strategies. They need to keep themselves updated with changes in sets and continuously strive for mastery and excellence to remain top notch. Today, computer gaming is seen as an organised, structured, professional and highly competitive sport.

How are the games played?

Usually, teams pit their skills and strength against an opposing team anywhere in the world.  With the Internet allowing gamers to connect with each other, players battle it out gamely in front of millions of fans. Although there doesn’t appear to be a specific list of games, some seem to be more popular than others as they make “good spectator viewing”. As with any other sport, when well-known players play in a big tournament, fans are on a high and avidly watch the action live.

Esport provides entertainment of the highest order, and the tension amongst fans has to be seen to be believed. The winner takes home a packet in prize money for their efforts- this could quickly run into millions of dollars. For the players and fans, the tournament is just as prestigious as a Grand Slam title in tennis. The lack of physical activity is more than compensated for by highly focused, concentrated thinking and strategising.

Top effort events

League of Legends and DOTA 2 are the juggernauts that have held the gaming fans entranced while others such as FIFA, Madden, Call of Duty, Halo Wars 2 and others are equally spectacular and mesmerising. 2017 is being hailed as “a spectacular year for export” with many of the games having tremendous competitive potential.

The fact that gamers in the United Kingdom spent almost 3.3 billion pounds on computer games in 2016 coupled with the points that eSport is to get official recognition and that the UK is to get its first dedicated channel for eSport, clearly speaks volumes.

eSport is here to stay, become bigger and better, more competitive and reach newer and higher levels in the years to come.

How do E-Sports Betting Works?

Esports bet

E-sports betting has become extremely popular all over the world. People can wage on an array of diverse sports events in an online betting website. To get a good idea of what makes e-sports betting familiar, it helps to understand how it works. It is not about getting a wage placed, but also about registering for betting services.

Steps to Join E-Sports Betting

The first player will need to register for services from an e-sports betting website. You will be required to secure essential information and need to fund an account with money from debit or credit card. After the details go through and the report is supported, you can start on online sports.
After a span of time, you can end up earning money as an outcome of successful bets. You will be capable of requesting a check for the cash that you are asking for. Usually, commissions are needed however these usually are less than 10% of the worth which you are asking for in many cases.
When planning to join in e-sports betting site, make sure to pay close attention to the rules and regulations imposed by the website. A lot of e-sports online betting site will get registration in small countries to work and provide betting services like Costa Rica. This is vital because a place will have to be licensed by an international government which supports e-sports betting for it to work appropriately. The business will also be subjected to government check on a regular basis to ensure that the betting services being offered are reasonably supported.

E-Sports Betting: Various Sports Event

While e-sports betting players can wager on many diverse types of sports events such as boxing matches, football events, horse races, gold events and other major leagues. Players can also wager on events or games with spreads that deal with the level of a margin of victory which a team will get. They can also bet on functions which deal with some points or other stuff which occur in individual events. The wager or better will put a specific amount of money on the bet which is being made.
After the game happens, the sportsbook will pull out the money which the player lost or deposit money which the player won. This occurs not long after the game which was a wager on is done or over.
E-sports betting is an exceptional thing that every sports fanatic should look into. This is a kind of gaming and entertainment where a player will register for services, fund an account as well a wage on different sports events or games. It will be essential to register for e-sports betting websites and to look into the set terms and conditions which are involved.

Choose the Best E-Sports Betting Site

Now that you already know how e-sports betting works, perhaps the next step you should make is to look for e-sports betting site that is reliable and dependable. Make sure to choose a certified and authorised online betting site to avoid wasting your time and money as well.