What is E-Sports Betting?

Esports betting

What is e-sport?

Sport in any form has always fascinated human beings, and from time immemorial, it has always been there in some way or the other. Cave paintings and rock art are the testimony to the fact that competitive sports like swimming, archery, wrestling, existed a long, long, time ago. Today, in this digital age, with everything going electronic- e-commerce, e-mail, e-cars, even sports has donned a new avatar- eSport.

The playing fields of eSport

eSport, which is just another nomenclature of computer and video games, may not be played in stadiums like hockey, football and cricket are. However, they are just as popular and attract just as many people. Tournaments are held in big arenas all over the world, and large crowds watch with bated breath as professionals battle it out for recognition.  Once upon a time, eSport was just something people did- anywhere and anyhow- to pass the time. They played computer games with each other and pitted their skills against each other, but today this leisure sport has become a lucrative business and a serious one at that. So much so, that it’s now categorised as a “valid career choice!”

What skills does eSport require?

Just like any other team sport, computer or video gaming to requires players to have quick reflexes, be focused in their approach and react according to the situation. All this comes only by practice, and that’s what professional players do- practice for more than15 hours a day. The more they practice, the better they become, and their ability to multi-task reaches new heights. Playing computer games translates into hard work and rigorous training as players seek to perfect their actions and hone their strategies. They need to keep themselves updated with changes in sets and continuously strive for mastery and excellence to remain top notch. Today, computer gaming is seen as an organised, structured, professional and highly competitive sport.

How are the games played?

Usually, teams pit their skills and strength against an opposing team anywhere in the world.  With the Internet allowing gamers to connect with each other, players battle it out gamely in front of millions of fans. Although there doesn’t appear to be a specific list of games, some seem to be more popular than others as they make “good spectator viewing”. As with any other sport, when well-known players play in a big tournament, fans are on a high and avidly watch the action live.

Esport provides entertainment of the highest order, and the tension amongst fans has to be seen to be believed. The winner takes home a packet in prize money for their efforts- this could quickly run into millions of dollars. For the players and fans, the tournament is just as prestigious as a Grand Slam title in tennis. The lack of physical activity is more than compensated for by highly focused, concentrated thinking and strategising.

Top effort events

League of Legends and DOTA 2 are the juggernauts that have held the gaming fans entranced while others such as FIFA, Madden, Call of Duty, Halo Wars 2 and others are equally spectacular and mesmerising. 2017 is being hailed as “a spectacular year for export” with many of the games having tremendous competitive potential.

The fact that gamers in the United Kingdom spent almost 3.3 billion pounds on computer games in 2016 coupled with the points that eSport is to get official recognition and that the UK is to get its first dedicated channel for eSport, clearly speaks volumes.

eSport is here to stay, become bigger and better, more competitive and reach newer and higher levels in the years to come.